About the Conference

With great pride and enthusiasm, Toastmasters District 54 hosts 2 conferences a year; one in the fall, and the other in the spring.

The purpose of these events is to provide a forum for speech contests, extend additional educational opportunities, encourage networking with other Toastmasters, and publicly recognize members for their achievements.

If you have not yet attended a conference, please consider attending the Toastmasters District 54 Spring 2015 Conference: Believe it and Achieve It! You will grow so much! If you have attended a conference before, be sure to come again, as this conference is shaping up to be a great one!

Become a Sponsor

In order to facilitate these events, and to offset the cost of the registration fees, conference chairs rely heavily on community and club sponsorships and other fundraising opportunities.

Therefore, we are asking our clubs to help support these efforts in at least one of the following ways:

  1. Provide a decorative gift basket or gift certificate for the basket/certificate raffle.
    (Note that this fundraising event is a little different than what has been done in the past.)

    • Donated baskets should be at least $25 in value. (This money does not need to come from the club or club members if local businesses are willing to donate.)
    • Baskets will be collected on the afternoon of April 17th at the conference and displayed throughout the duration of the event.
    • A container will be placed next to each basket to collect raffle tickets.
    • Participants may place as many raffle tickets as they like in the container of their choice.
    • A raffle ticket will be drawn for each basket on Saturday evening.
    • Money collected from the gift basket raffle will be divided in half. Fifty percent of the money collected will go to the district, the other fifty percent will be divided and distributed evenly between the clubs who donated the baskets.
  2. Take advantage of our special TOASTMASTER CLUB SPONSORSHIP prices by placing an ad in the program.

    A TOASTMASTER CLUB SPONSORSHIP will help promote your club, and help in fundraising efforts for the conference. Prices for the program ads are as follows:

    • Business card size space for $25.00
    • Third of a page space for $50.00
    • Please note: program sponsors may not advocate for any speech contest participant.
    • Ad submissions are due by 3/25/15 to Sarah Johnson
  3. Attend the conference and consider participating in the 50/50 raffle.

If you have questions regarding these efforts, please contact conference fundraising chairs, Sarah Johnson or Carol Loser at sponsorship@d54conference.com

Thank you for all you do for Toastmasters International, and we hope to see all of you at the Toastmasters District 54 Spring 2015 Conference: Believe it and Achieve It!